New wishlist from Banggood!

As it is weekend, I have some tome to make some new shopping online. And from where could I shop if not on Banggood? I have seen some news that really like them. So, let me show you what wonderful things discovered.

For the beginning, I saw this Voic​e Control Wooden Square LED Alarm Digital Desk Clock Thermometer Calendar, that seems to me very interesting. It has time, month & day and temperature automatically take turns display. It is made for wooden, the frame with graining coat. It can be square, rectangle and triangle.


Because I love gardening and I am so proud with my flower garden, I choose this miniature Resin Cute White Rabbit Moss Micro Landscape Garden DIY Decoration, that seems a beauty. They looks just like real rabbits and are so wonderful. I am so glad I saw them! 🙂


As my wallet just being broken, I realized that I need a new one. And I saw here many different designs and shapes. It took me a while till I decided, but I think that I’ve made the right choice.


Now that I have a new, wonderful wallet, I realise I need a new pair of shoes, too. Visiting this site, I decided to see what news are here…and I have found exactly the sneakers I wanted. They are from rubber, different colors: orange, army green and grey, just perfect for the Spring coming.


Looking through the site, I remembered that my little girls asked me the other days for a toy. And I found the perfect toy for her: this Wooden Mini Learning Cube Tic Tac Toe Beads Activity Learning Colorful. It is a vintage wooden play, activity, learning cube for toddlers and children. It has an abacus, tic tac toe with apples and bananas on swiveling squares, a colorful fish that has wooden pieces to move, slide shapes of different colors, and beads on top that move around on metal rods. I think it is really a great toy to develop your kids’ intelligence, cultivate confidence, improve psychological quality, create new thinking.


These are my choices and I can’t wait to receive the package. Do you like them? What did you find interesting on Banggood?


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