A very elegant dress for my wife

Women…they love dresses, love the shoes and bags, bracelet and earings. Of course my wife is a shopaholic, she loves to shop, especially dresses. In the last days, I came home and saw her really upset. I asked her what is wrong and she showed me…she liked a beautiful dress, but the card was empty. I started to laugh and looked at the name of the site: Chicmall.de.

The reason I memorized the site’s address was because I wanted to make her a surprise for her birthday. Exactly the dress she liked. I typed cheap evening dresses (günstige elegante abendkleider) and searched for that dress she liked. Oh my God, they are so many dresses…I should have saved the link of the dress…now it is so hard to me. They all look the same…I like so many. Yes…I found it, this is the one that made my wife to love it. It is a very special dress, it is so beautiful, interesting and nice. It is chic and elegant, I love the colors.

riemen ziemlich pailletten floral designer jervis bay gedruckt, langen kleid

It is OK, I made the order, it will arrive in a few weeks, exactly for her birthday. It will be a nice gift, very nice I can say…I am sure she will be so glad, and she will thanks me and I will receive so many kisses. But I am so satisfy that I was able to fulfill her desire.

Now I know that the next step will be to go shopping for shoes and a right bag for this dress. But…I love my wife! I wish her to be happy, so…she deserves a gift…And if a dress, a pair of shoes and a nice bag makes her happy, then she must buy them.

So, dear husbands, make your wives happy and fulfill their desires. Then they will be more happy and love will be in the air 🙂